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Firewood In Atlantic Beach

Searching For Landscape Products and Firewood Near Me in Atlantic Beach, NY

There is nothing like burning real firewood in a fireplace, wood burning stove or fire pit. The inviting smell, the crackling sound and the cozy warmth makes for a truly special atmosphere. Are you in need of firewood but you don’t know what company to get it from? Look no further in Atlantic Beach, NY. LI Firewood & Mulch is a leading firewood company in Nassau County. LI Firewood & Mulch is locally owned and operated and offers outstanding products, exemplary service and affordable pricing.

Rich Business History Plus Excellent Service Adds Up To A Highly Recommended Firewood and Mulch Business in Nassau County

Since 2005, LI Firewood & Mulch has been a full service landscape management company. The team provides a variety of quality, yet affordable services. LI Firewood & Mulch is a well-respected business in the community providing excellent customer service to all local clients. The team takes the same quality work ethic put into landscaping properties into their firewood and mulch yard, by processing only the finest hardwoods to meet customer demand. 

LI Firewood & Mulch Offers the High Quality Materials To Add Curb Appeal to Any Property

LI Firewood & Mulch specializes in landscape products of the highest quality so residential and commercial clients can complete projects and achieve landscaping goals. LI Firewood & Mulch strives to keep the highest percentage of repeat customers by providing superior products to surpass the local competition. 

LI Firewood & Mulch offers the following products:

LI Firewood & Mulch Offers Best Burning Firewood

Once you try firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch, you’ll never want to use any other local company in Nassau County. Firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch is available fully seasoned, semi-seasoned and kiln dried wood. Seasoned wood is also known as “dry” wood. Kiln dried firewood is firewood that has been seasoned by drying it in a kiln. Kiln dried firewood is easy to light and produces minimal smoke.

Customers can select to purchase firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch in cords or bagged. Firewood is purchased in cord measurement. A cord is 8′ long x 4′ high x 4′ deep. Pricing varies depending on the type of wood and order size. Cord stacking service is also available.

LI Firewood & Mulch Offers Premium Mulch to Add to a Garden or Replace Existing Mulch

Mulch not only adds curb appeal to a garden but it can also be a beneficial addition for other reasons. Mulch can help maintain moisture in the soil and is beneficial for weed control. LI Firewood & Mulch recommends keeping mulch approximately 3 inches thick in order to control weed growth.If you didn’t already know, old mulch can actually begin to decay after a few years so it’s suggested that mulch be replaced every few years. 

When selecting ground covering for your property or gardens, LI Firewood & Mulch offers top quality mulch available in a variety of colors at affordable costs. Choose from black, natural brown, coco brown, and red. Playground mulch is also available. Select mulch in yard quantities, ideal for both commercial and residential landscape projects.

Soil and Compost Ideal For Gardens

Soil from LI Firewood & Mulch can be used for grass yards and flower or vegetable gardens. Property owners in Nassau County often confuse compost and soil and wonder if they are the same. They are not the same. Compost is made of organic material and oftentimes is added to soil to act as fertilizer. Organic compost consists of decayed organic matter like vegetables, fruits, grass, dead leaves and more. 

Soil itself includes only non-organic elements. LI Firewood & Mulch offers a variety of soil products including screened topsoil, clean fill dirt and sweet peet. Organic compost is available alone or combined into a compost/topsoil mix. Soil and compost products are sold by the yard.

Get Stone, Gravel and Sand to Meet the Needs of Any Landscape Project

Stones and gravel make ideal additions to enhance the look of the existing landscape around your property in Atlantic Beach, NY. LI Firewood & Mulch offers a special variety of stone products to meet every project and budget. Best of all, the product is delivered to your location. Available in yard quantities, stone and gravel types include bluestone, gravel, redstone and whetstone. Sand types include fine sand, concrete sand, pool sand and bankrun sand.

Prompt Firewood and Landscape Material Delivery in Atlantic Beach, NY

LI Firewood & Mulch offers prompt delivery of all products throughout Nassau County; typically same day. LI Firewood & Mulch takes precise measures to be sure all delivery orders are measured for accuracy. You can rest assured that you will receive the correct volume of firewood, mulch, soil, or other landscape materials. 

The LI Firewood & Mulch team will happily arrive at your location and drop the ordered product where you specify it to be placed on your residential or commercial property. For an additional fee, the team can also stack the wood on your property. Whatever you choose, the LI Firewood & Mulch team takes pride in making your firewood buying process the most efficient and convenient.

LI Firewood & Mulch Has Many Satisfied Repeat Customers in Atlantic Beach, NY

The LI Firewood & Mulch team is just a phone call away to discuss your landscape projects and needs in Nassau County. The team provides all the support and attention a client will need throughout the buying process. LI Firewood & Mulch is proud to say that more than 90% of business is the result of satisfied customers, who repeat orders and recommend LI Firewood & Mulch products and services to family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

LI Firewood & Mulch will deliver your firewood or landscape products to your home or office location in Nassau County. The team ensures great customer service, fantastic value and pricing and dependable delivery, whether you order a small or large volume of firewood. It is important for these experts to see to it that you have sufficient firewood ready to enjoy.

Landscape Products and Firewood Near Me in Atlantic Beach, NY

Are you looking for firewood, screened topsoil, mulch, stone, gravel, compost, fill, sand or recycled concrete aggregate in Atlantic Beach, NY home? If yes, don’t waste your time searching for “firewood near me”; instead contact LI Firewood & Mulch, Nassau County’s leading company for firewood Atlantic Beach. For advice or cost estimates, call 631-803-2227 or visit today. The LI Firewood & Mulch team is standing by to provide you with reliable, professional and courteous service.

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