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LI Firewood and Mulch: What You Need to Know About Us

Long Island Firewood and Mulch is a landscape maintenance and design company with specific services and products available to the entirety of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  We are part of B & B Maintenance Services, Inc., a full landscape service company, established in 2005 with the goal of offering excellent but affordable landscape services to this region’s residents. We pride ourselves on reliability and a 90 percent customer satisfaction rate. We also offer rapid and efficient delivery services. When you choose us, we will bring quality firewood and mulch from our yard to yours!

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At LI Firewood and Mulch, we have a wide selection of firewood and mulches for you to choose from; you are certain to find something that will complement your landscape. The products we offer include not just firewood (available in fully and semi-seasoned, kiln dried, bundles and pallets) and mulches (coming in black, natural brown, coco brown, and red), but compost, stone & gravel, topsoil, and sand. There is much to know about the different types of mulch and firewood and what each has to offer, and we are here to help you learn. You may be shopping for your own residential landscape, or you may be representing a business or a larger public space. Either way, our goal is to help you select something that is perfect for you in terms of style, purpose, and maintenance. For example, there are many things to know about buying firewood and what types are available. We sell firewood in both bundles and pallets, so you can chooses depending on how much storage space you have available.

You may not know that firewood with a higher moisture content will not burn as well and will cause much more smoke, pollution, and buildup that will later need to be cleaned away; you want to get firewood that has been dried, and we offer several options. If you do buy fresh firewood, you should plan to let it season, or dry out, over several months before it is ready for use. We sell firewood that has been either semi-seasoned or fully seasoned if you do not want to go through the process of drying firewood yourself. In addition to seasoned wood, we also sell kiln dried firewood, which has been dried artificially. It is important to us that you have the best options available for your home or business. We are also happy to discuss the different types of mulch and landscaping materials with you, and for what each is well suited. If you are starting a vegetable or flower garden, you may be interested in compost, topsoil, or a mix of both, which will add nutrients to the soil in your yard and help feed your plants. We have standard mulch made from bark and wood chips in several colors to preserve moisture, prevent weeds from growing, or just to bring a unique look to your landscape. We also have gravel and sand available, both of which can be very stylish and even provide an area for your kids to play. Tell us about your household and what you are hoping for out of your landscape, and we will help you make an informed decision.

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At LI Firewood and Mulch, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best customer service, the widest selection of products, and first-hand knowledge and expertise about landscape design. You can read more about how to properly stack and store firewood on our blog, along with other tips and tricks to help improve your landscape. Give us a call today and we will respond as soon as possible to get you started on your next landscaping project!