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Looking For Delivery of Kiln Dried Firewood Near Me in North Haven, NY

If you have had firewood delivered to your location in the past but you were not impressed by the quality or delivery practices, you have a reason to be cautious about placing your next firewood order. The good news for you is that there is a highly recommended firewood company in Suffolk County that your neighbors are giving high praise to. There is no longer a need for you to search for “kiln dried firewood near me.” You can entrust your next firewood delivery to LI Firewood & Mulch. 

LI Firewood & Mulch is locally owned and operated and offers outstanding firewood and landscaping products, exemplary service and affordable pricing in North Haven, NY. For over 16 years, LI Firewood & Mulch has provided convenient delivery and you will immediately be impressed with this team of experts.

Turn to LI Firewood & Mulch For the Best Burning Firewood in Suffolk County

Firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch is available fully seasoned, semi-seasoned and kiln dried. Seasoned wood is also known as “dry” wood that is air dried. Customers can select to purchase firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch in cords or bagged. Firewood is purchased in cord measurement. A cord is 8′ long x 4′ high x 4′ deep. Firewood pricing varies depending on the type of wood and order size. Firewood is sold in sizes to meet specific usage needs. Cord stacking service is also available for an additional fee.

Evaluating the Volume of Firewood Needed For the Season

The amount of firewood you order will depend on how often it will be used. Some clients build a fire daily, others on weekends and perhaps others just occasionally. Obviously, using firewood to heat your location daily, it will depend on the size of the space to be warmed. One more factor is to determine how much space you are planning to use to store the firewood. Oftentimes, neighbors will share the more cost effective entire cord of firewood to split the cost since a full cord will be too much for some households to burn each season.

Important Facts About Kiln Dried Firewood?

Kiln dried firewood is split firewood that has been seasoned by drying inside a kiln. The cycle is typically a 24-48 hour process of heating the wood inside of the kiln unit. This type of firewood has many advantages that homeowners appreciate.

Kiln Dried Firewood Has a Lower Moisture Content

The moisture content of kiln dried firewood is typically lower than seasoned air dried wood. That’s because the kiln dried method rids excessive moisture from the firewood. The lower the moisture, the more efficient the burn. This allows for a much hotter burn over seasoned air dried firewood. Kiln dried wood also produces less creosote (dangerous black soot) while burned so it reduces chimney maintenance. 

Kiln Dried Firewood is Easier To Handle, Lights Quickly and Produces Less Smoke

Kiln dried wood is great for starting fires because it can help the fire to get started quickly and reduces the chance for the fire to go out. Kiln dried wood can burn longer compared to seasoned firewood. As a result of the lower moisture levels, kiln dried firewood produces less smoke, too.

Kiln Dried Firewood is Clean, Pest-Free and Dry

Through the kiln drying process, insects are killed. That means you can safely store kiln dried wood inside your residence without any bugs. This alleviates the need to step outside and bring in the firewood during the winter months. The firewood will be ready to use and in arm’s reach. Also, the time it takes for wood to dry through kiln drying is far less than air drying. The dryness eliminates the growth of mold or mildew. 

LI Firewood & Mulch Offers Additional Landscaping Materials

Since 2005, LI Firewood & Mulch has offered a variety of high quality landscape products to residential and commercial clients in North Haven, NY. The excellence provided by this team of experts helps retain a super high rate of repeat customers. In addition to the outstanding selection of firewood, LI Firewood & Mulch also offers mulch, compost, stone, gravel, topsoil and sand, available in a variety of types. 

LI Firewood & Mulch offers mulch in many popular colors such as black, natural brown, coco brown, and red. You can order mulch in yard quantities, great for commercial and residential yards. Soil and compost from LI Firewood & Mulch is ideal for flower or vegetable gardens and grass areas. Soil products including screened topsoil, clean fill dirt and sweet peet. Organic compost is available alone or combined into a compost/topsoil mix. Soil and compost products are sold by the yard.

Stones and gravel can add much needed curb appeal to a property. LI Firewood & Mulch offers different types of stone products including bluestone, gravel, redstone and whetstone. You can order sand as fine sand, concrete sand, pool sand and bankrun sand.

LI Firewood & Mulch Provides Quick, Convenient and Mess-Free Delivery 

LI Firewood & Mulch offers prompt delivery of all products throughout Suffolk County, twelve months out of the year. Same day deliveries are also available. LI Firewood & Mulch is always careful to accurately measure each order to be delivered. The team wants to ensure that each client will receive the correct volume of firewood, mulch, soil or other landscape materials. The LI Firewood & Mulch team will arrive promptly at your location and drop off the ordered product in the exact location you specify. The drivers will be sure it’s a mess-free delivery.

Call LI Firewood & Mulch  and Search No More For Kiln Dried Firewood Near Me in North Haven, NY

When over 90% of a business is satisfied, repeat customers, a new client will no doubt be impressed by LI Firewood & Mulch, a company that is doing all the right things. LI Firewood & Mulch enjoys having continuous repeat customers and takes great pride in welcoming new customers. 

If you are in need of firewood, mulch, topsoil, stones, compost, sand or landscape materials, contact LI Firewood & Mulch today to get started. LI Firewood & Mulch offers terrific products at affordable pricing along with dependable delivery and superb customer service.

LI Firewood & Mulch is Suffolk County’s leading company for firewood North Haven.For advice or cost estimates, call 631-803-2227 or visit today. The LI Firewood & Mulch team will immediately provide you with reliable, professional service.

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