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Firewood In Roslyn Heights

Need Quick Delivery of Seasoned Firewood Near Me in Roslyn Heights, NY

You promised your family it wouldn’t happen again. Yet there you are staring at an empty firewood rack. It may be summer but your children want to roast marshmallows on the firepit. Or is it a cold autumn day where a fire in the fireplace is all your significant other asked for? To avoid sleeping in the proverbial dog house, you need a firewood delivery and fast. 

Before you do a frantic online search for “Seasoned Firewood Near Me,” you need to contact the firewood experts at LI Firewood & Mulch.

For Over 16 years, LI Firewood & Mulch Has Provided Convenient Firewood Delivery in Nassau County

LI Firewood & Mulch is a locally owned and operated firewood and landscaping materials business, offering outstanding products, top-notch service and affordable pricing in Roslyn Heights, NY. Give them a try and you will immediately be impressed with their products and service.

What Types of Firewood Can I Buy From LI Firewood & Mulch?

Firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch is available fully seasoned, semi-seasoned and kiln dried. Customers can order firewood from LI Firewood & Mulch in cords or bagged. 

What is a Cord Measurement?

A cord measurement is the official measurement for firewood.. A cord measures 8′ long x 4′ high x 4′ deep – approximately 128 cubic feet. Firewood pricing varies depending on the type of wood and order size. Firewood is sold in sizes to meet specific usage needs. Cord stacking service may be available from a firewood company for an additional fee.

What is Seasoned Firewood?

Seasoned wood is also known as “dry” wood that is air dried. Dry wood is important since wet wood won’t burn and will only cause smoke. Seasoned wood has typically been drying for a minimum of six months so the moisture from the wood is totally eliminated. That works only if you are not in a rush to use it. A firewood seller like LI Firewood & Mulch handles that process for you, and will tell you how long your delivered firewood has been seasoned.

What is Kiln Dried Wood?

Kiln dried firewood is a type of seasoned firewood but it is dried much faster through drying inside of a kiln. Kiln dried firewood offers many advantages. The kiln dried method rids excessive moisture from the firewood. The lower the moisture content the more efficient the burn is. It can produce a cleaner burn, leading to less creosote being produced, which can build up in your chimney or flue over time. Kiln dried firewood produces minimal smoke and is lighter and easier to handle.

Do You Know How Much Volume of Firewood You Need For the Season?

If you don’t know the volume, no worries. The experts at LI Firewood & Mulch can help you select the right volume of firewood. You must first determine how often you will use the firewood. The determining factors include whether you plan to heat the home using the firewood, or simply build regular or occasional fires in the fireplace. If a full cord of firewood seems too much for just your purposes, it is suggested to share a cord of wood with a neighbor or family member. That way, you split the cost and take advantage of the more economical full cord price. 

Important Tips For Storing Firewood

Believe it or not, storing firewood must be done the right way to extend its life and help you get the best performance and value from your firewood purchase. It is not suggested that you simply haphazardly throw your firewood in a messy pile. You must keep firewood off the ground to reduce pest infestation. Store firewood on a metal rack. You will want to keep the firewood dry because dry firewood is safer and burns better. Stack firewood loosely with ample space on all sides to optimize airflow and prevent moisture build-up, decay, mold and fungus. Store firewood at least five feet away from the home’s foundation to avoid the infiltration of wood-boring insects. Stack firewood away from pet or child play areas to avoid potential pile collapse and injuries.

The LI Firewood & Mulch Team Sells and Delivers Other Landscaping Materials

For 16 years, LI Firewood & Mulch has offered firewood in addition to other popular landscape products. The excellence provided by this team to residential and commercial clients in Roslyn Heights, NY has given them a super high percentage of repeat customers. Other products offered by LI Firewood & Mulch are mulch, compost, stone, gravel, topsoil and sand. Each product is available in a variety of types. 

Contact LI Firewood & Mulch For Seasoned Firewood Near Me

LI Firewood & Mulch offers quick, convenient and mess-free delivery of all products throughout Nassau County, all year. Same day deliveries may also be available so don’t delay. LI Firewood & Mulch prepares each delivery carefully to accurately measure the ordered products. You can always count on these experts to deliver as promised – whether you are ordering firewood, mulch, soil or other landscape materials. The LI Firewood & Mulch team even drops off the ordered product in your desired location

LI Firewood & Mulch is proud to say that over 90% of their current business is made up of satisfied, repeat customers. There is no doubt that a new customer will also be impressed with such a high level of service and outstanding customer service. LI Firewood & Mulch continues to satisfy their current customer base but takes great pride in welcoming new customers. 

If you are ready to order firewood, mulch, topsoil, stones, compost, sand or other landscape materials, contact LI Firewood & Mulch today. You will immediately see why this is such a highly rated company by your neighbors in Nassau County. Budget-friendly prices plus dependable delivery and superb customer service, makes LI Firewood & Mulch a leading company for firewood Roslyn Heights.

For advice or cost estimates, call 631-803-2227 or visit today. The LI Firewood & Mulch team is ready and waiting to provide you with reliable, professional, and courteous service.

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