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Firewood In Thomaston

Local Firewood Company Tops the List For Best Seasoned Firewood in Thomaston, NY

By now you are getting ready to order this season’s haul of firewood for your wood burning stove, fireplace, pizza oven or fire pit. You may have been unhappy with your selection last season, so you are taking the time to research what types of available firewood is most efficient.

One of the top local firewood businesses in Nassau County is LI Firewood & Mulch. For over 16 years, LI Firewood & Mulch has successfully provided convenient firewood delivery to residences and commercial locations in the Thomaston, NY area. LI Firewood & Mulch is a locally owned and operated firewood and landscaping materials business, offering outstanding products, top-notch service and affordable pricing.

LI Firewood & Mulch Offers a Few Types of Firewood

LI Firewood & Mulch sells fully seasoned, semi-seasoned and kiln dried firewood. Seasons firewood and kiln dried firewood are popular choices. They are relatively the same because they are both “dry” woods but they do have differences. Let’s break down the differences.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried firewood is firewood that has been seasoned by drying it in a kiln. Kiln dried firewood offers many advantages. With kiln dried firewood, you are guaranteed a low moisture content, making it ideal for getting a quick fire going and for a longer period of time. Kiln dried firewood ensures minimal smoke and ash. You will actually burn fewer logs and have more heat and a cleaner fire. A cleaner burn yields less creosote being produced, which can build up in your chimney or flue over time. Kiln dried firewood is lighter and easier to handle. Being clean, pest-free and dry, kiln dried firewood can even be stored inside. Kiln dried firewood is more expensive but you may feel its benefits outweigh the additional cost.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned wood is also known as “dry” wood. Wet wood won’t burn and will only cause smoke. Seasoned firewood is dried naturally through an open-air process instead of inside a kiln. Seasoned firewood is air dried so therefore, the moisture content may vary and not be able to be measured as with the kiln dried firewood. To be sure that seasoned firewood is thoroughly dried, the wood logs need to be cut into specific sizes, small enough to dry out properly.

Seasoned wood has typically been drying for a minimum of six months so the moisture from the wood is totally eliminated. That’s not good if you are in a rush to use it. A firewood seller like LI Firewood & Mulch handles that process for you, and will tell you how long your delivered firewood has been seasoned. Keep in mind, if you are on a budget, seasoned wood is cheaper than wood that has been kiln dried.

Cord of Firewood Dimensions

Firewood can be purchased in cord measurement. A cord is a unit used to measure the dry volume of firewood. A cord measures 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. – approximately 128 cubic feet. To measure the volume of firewood, the logs must be stacked tightly in a parallel formation. Firewood pricing varies depending on the type of wood and order size. Firewood is sold in sizes to meet specific usage needs.

Calculate Your Season’s Worth Of Firewood Prior to Ordering

The old rule applies. Order too little firewood and you will run out at the most inopportune time. Order too much and you will have way too much left over at the end of the season. So how much firewood is right for your needs?

If you are unsure of how much firewood to purchase, the experts at LI Firewood & Mulch can help. You will need to answer a few questions like how often you will use the firewood and for what purposes? Heating a home will require a substantially more firewood volume than an occasional fireplace fire.

Firewood Needs to Be Stored Properly

You need to store your firewood correctly in order to expect the best fire performance and extend the life of the firewood. Stacking the firewood neatly is a must. A haphazard and messy firewood pile is not safe or efficient. Also, it is imperative to keep firewood off the ground or you will no doubt be faced with a pest infestation. For best results, try storing your firewood on a metal rack. Keep the firewood dry because dry firewood burns better and is safer. Be sure to stack firewood loosely with space all around. This will optimize airflow, preventing moisture build-up, decay, mold and fungus. Stack firewood away from pet or child play areas to avoid potential pile collapse and injuries.

LI Firewood & Mulch Offers Convenient Delivery of Seasoned Firewood

Throughout the year, LI Firewood & Mulch offers quick, convenient and mess-free delivery of seasoned firewood in Nassau County. If you need a rush delivery, you may even find same day delivery available. 

You can always count on these experts to deliver as promised. LI Firewood & Mulch prepares each delivery carefully to accurately measure the seasoned firewood or dried kiln firewood that you ordered. The LI Firewood & Mulch delivery team will drop the product in the exact location that you specify.

What Landscaping Materials Can Be Purchased By LI Firewood & Mulch?

LI Firewood & Mulch offers more than just firewood. They also offer popular landscape products. Other products offered by LI Firewood & Mulch are mulch, compost, stone, gravel, topsoil and sand. Each product is available in a variety of types. LI Firewood & Mulch offers outstanding landscaping materials at affordable prices. Budget-friendly prices plus dependable delivery and superb customer service makes LI Firewood & Mulch a leading company for firewood Thomaston.

Providing Excellence to Residential and Commercial clients in Thomaston, NY for 16 Years!

If you need to order firewood, mulch, topsoil, stones, compost, sand or other landscape materials, contact LI Firewood & Mulch to discuss your landscape project. LI Firewood & Mulch is a highly rated company in Nassau County and enjoys welcoming new customers.

With such high praise in the local neighborhood, it’s no wonder LI Firewood & Mulch is proud to say that over 90% of their current business is made up of satisfied, repeat customers. Any new customer will be thoroughly impressed with such a high level of service, commitment and outstanding customer service. LI Firewood & Mulch continues to satisfy their current customer base but takes great pride in welcoming new customers, like you. 

Get started today! Call 631-803-2227 or visit for product advice, product orders, schedule a delivery or get a cost estimate. The LI Firewood & Mulch team is ready and waiting to add you to their customer list and provide you with the most reliable, professional, and courteous service possible.

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